We were thinking… thinking and, outshouting one another, we decided that it was time to make our dreams come true and produce our own 100% natural lemonade. That was a real brainstorming session!


Remember 2012? We do! At that time the On Lemon project was undertaken. We made ‘Yerbata’ which was different from other Yerba Mate based lemonades we had tasted before.


Wishing to devise unique and out of the ordinary lemonade recipes, we set off on a journey along the trail of native (and not only native) gardens and orchards in quest for the tastiest ecological fruits and vegetables. We found and picked them up, squeezing so many goodies that could fit into a bottle. Having mixed them with clear spring water, we extracted even more taste and flavour. The result is a real flavour bomb which will strike your senses.


We are rediscovering forgotten recipes and flavours for you. Our minds are also open to new original and surprising tastes. Therefore, we work only with small family businesses to select the right ingredients, paying attention to the highest quality and the best taste.


One thing is certain: On Lemon sets standards!

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The true master of taste. Although it does not wear a crown, the other fruit bow down before it. The combination of 16% pear juice, 15% apple juice with a dash of lemon juice.


Pear is a fruit whose properties and nutrients are invaluable. As one of the few fruit, pears contain iodine, a mineral with a good effect on the thyroid function. Moreover, they are a treasury of boron, a mineral improving the brain function. Additionally, pears can prevent stroke and the development of hypertension.

Kola or cola, that is the question. Let us answer! Our Kola is different: it’s the real deal, no compromises. 100% natural, sophisticated flavor without the sweetness, and with reduced caffeine content.


Kola nuts, an ingredient of our kola, are a popular fix addressing health-related problems. They can:
– alleviate digestive problems
– reduce hunger
– reduce fatigue
– prevent alcohol poisoning

ON LEMON black currant – 25% of fruit madness. Natural black currant juice with lemon and black carrot juice.


Black currant is one of the forest fruit that are richer in vitamin C. You can find as much as 181 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of the fruit, which is four times more than in oranges. Thus 100 g, which is a handful of black currants, covers precisely 258% of the daily nutrient requirements for vitamin C.
They are a rich source of antioxidants.
In addition, they reduce your blood cholesterol level, inhibit the development of atherosclerosis and stabilise your blood pressure.

ON LEMON rhubarb – naturally muddy rhubarb lemonade with 30% juice content in a unique combination with apple and lemon juice.


Rhubarb is a source of vitamins A, C and E as well as magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, folic acid and fibre. It stimulates intestinal mobility and helps to fight against obesity. Due to a high temperature it is subjected to during pasteurisation, it gets anticancer properties. It protects your body against the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, they are natural antioxidants with their effects on your complexion and the cell condition.

ON LEMON lime fruit – Extremely sour? Sour? LIME FRUIT!!! Even more fresh fruit, naturally turbid refreshing drink containing 12% lime juice.


LIME FRUIT is an excellent source of vitamin C (interestingly, lime contains more Vit. C than lemon), potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamins B.
It regulates the level of blood glucose and liver function. In addition, lime contains flavonoids which protect us from cancer and prevent fast ageing.
It facilitates the assimilation of catechins, i.e. antioxidants found in tea.

ON LEMON Plum – Well, now I am really in hot water – or rather in lemonade.


30% juice. It’s your typical PLUM Fiction. Starring: Purple Plum, Stanley and President.


Plums improve your appetite and are good for the digestion. They also prevent constipation and reduce the risk of large intestinal cancer.
Plums have vitamin E, which is rare in fruit; they are also highly valued as antioxidants and brim with group B vitamins, which soothe your nerves and lighten you up.

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Hailing from Africa’s red bush farms, bringing nothing but good flavour. It has spread successfully across several continents and is drunk by its fans on sleepless nights and in the mornings that usually start… in the afternoon. Maybe it’s because it is so sweet and spicy at the same time?

MATCHBATA – lemonade full of Zen!


The world has gone crazy about Matcha powdered green tea! The Buddhist monks made medicines out of it, while we have created a lemonade on the basis of it. That is why Matcha has found its way into our bottles, we just added apple, lemon and lime juice to intensify the taste. Get to know MATCHBATA – a lemonade full of Zen with no added sugar.


It is rich in vital substances, it revitalises and refreshes. It has a positive influence on the immune system. It regulates the blood pressure and boosts the metabolism. It increases resistance to stress and improves the perceptual functioning of the brain. The chlorophyll contained in Matcha helps to eliminate toxins from the body while the polyphenols secure each and every cell. They are also known for their efficacy in preventing cancer.


Shake firmly before opening!!!

YERBATA with pomegranate – is an explosive sister of Yerbata classic with pomegranate juice. Strength of natural caffeine 24 mg/100 ml.

YERBATA – uniquely stimulating natural lemonade with yerba mate and extreme contents of natural caffeine 24 mg/100 ml.


Yerba mate – yerba mate boosts immunity, improves digestion, facilitates concentration, cleanses blood and eliminates toxic substances from it, balances your nervous system, restores a youthful colour to your hair, delays ageing, eliminates tiredness, stimulates your brain, slims you down, increases your strength, reduces stress and fights sleeplessness.


Like coffee, it stimulates but it is different since coffee gives you strong yet short stimulation and yerba mate stimulates for a long time.