On 7 August 2018 the District Court of The Hague ruled that soft drinks branded JOHN LEMON and ON LEMON - JOHN IS ON infringe on the trademark right JOHN LENNON and JOHN LEMON of Yoko Ono Lennon. We will no longer offer the products in question
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Allegedly thick-skinned, but one that gives us its all. Loved by grandmas, who could not imagine a Sunday dinner without it in their compote. They know where it’s at. But what about us? We rebelliously added a few drops of sweet apple, starting a new gooseberry avant-garde!




Likes to cause commotion and knows how to do it. Its middle name is noon – that’s why it is loved by all those who finish their conversations after midnight and sleep until 11:00. You twist the cap off and the citrus fragrance tells you already what to expect… Be warned – this love makes you reach for another bottle right away.

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We are proud to have these in our lemonade with their one-of-a-kind grainy and sweetish peel. All this because their sweetness is simply second to none. For the sake of contrast, we add a hint of sour apple as well, then we pour it into our bottles and cap them. The rest is in your hands.



No compromises.

Its caffeine kick is akin to that of a perfectly brewed espresso, only served cold. Fizzy. Just like half of the world likes it, but better. That is all we are allowed to say (secret recipe, obviously…), no questions, just drink it.

High content of caffeine 25 mg/100 ml




Nothing could stop us from combining blackcurrant juice with the juice of black carrots. Lemon also appears at some point in the story as well. Three fruits’ the charm! We know it tastes best straight from the bottle, cold, like just took it out of the fridge, but do with it as you please…




This is why we only harvest it for the juice when it starts turning beautifully red. Since it likes company, we combine it in our naturally cloudy lemonade with a touch of apple and lemon. Only one thing counts: that every slip has the best sour taste possible. And we nailed it.



Lemonade perfection.

An undisputable classic, obviously. The rules are simple and known to everybody: just add the best ripe fruit and that is it. And the lime? So perfectly sour it sends shivers down your spine. Like no other.



The August girl.

Make it three girls, actually.

The leading actor here is the damson, but we also have two other fruity varieties. First, because we like to shake things a bit, and second – we like whet appetites. Perhaps it is not very humble of us, but plum lovers know what we mean.

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Hailing from Africa’s red bush farms, bringing nothing but good flavour. It has spread successfully across several continents and is drunk by its fans on sleepless nights and in the mornings that usually start… in the afternoon. Maybe it’s because it is so sweet and spicy at the same time?



Its name is Matcha.

It all started with… some green dust. Nobody expected it to become loved just as much as Buddhists as by the rock’n’roll crowd. With no hesitation, we combine this famous ground green tea with apple, lemon and lime. Because no rules apply here! There is only the flavour.

YERBATA with pomegranate


We still did not have enough, but at least we can admint that.

We wanted to add something totally unexpected to the classic yerba-based lemonade. And so we combined a serious dose of caffeine with the juice of pomegranates in one bottle. And that is how this ruby beauty come to be.

High content of caffeine 24 mg/100 ml



The legend of ice tea comes to an end!

Cold yerba mate is what marks the new chapter! Oh yes, it sure can raise the pressure. And we know what you’ll love most about it is the extreme dose of natural caffeine. The appearance of this inconspicuous little bottle really is deceptive.

High content of caffeine 24 mg/100 ml


Yerba mate – yerba mate boosts immunity, improves digestion, facilitates concentration, cleanses blood and eliminates toxic substances from it, balances your nervous system, restores a youthful colour to your hair, delays ageing, eliminates tiredness, stimulates your brain, slims you down, increases your strength, reduces stress and fights sleeplessness.


Like coffee, it stimulates but it is different since coffee gives you strong yet short stimulation and yerba mate stimulates for a long time.